The Bernard Works Exquisite Corpse Model, Sheffield


  1. Hi Andrew, thats really an exquisite model you did. definitely something that I should aim for! I came across your model while google searching for informations about Bernard Works. I am a 6th Year MArch student at SSoA too! and my site is at Bernard Works..I am proposing to reuse the derelict buildings on site (which are the abandoned Bernard Works buildings) and wonder if you can share the informations about the existing buildings (elevations/plans) because I am currently trying to survey the buildings and drawing them up. If you could contact me: name is Bao.
    Thanks and hope to hear from you soon!

  2. Hello, we are 2 french student of the architecture school of Grenoble and we work on Bernard Works. We are very impressed by your mock work. we would like to know if you have some plans, cuts and facade drawings of these buildings? and if you can share it with us? you can contact us at, my name is Cindy.
    Thank you in advance